Esports Nigeria joins the party 🎉

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We are excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Esports Nigeria!

About Esports Nigeria

Esports Nigeria is a non-profit organization looking to use esports a tool to tackle socio-economic issues in Nigeria.

Engaging our youth with esports and helping them to make a living from their passion is sure to benefit the individual first, then their families, next is their community and then the nation as a whole. We also want to use esports to bring glory to our fatherland like we have always done with traditional sports.

Emmanuel Oyelakin, Founding President of Esports Nigeria

Emmanuel Oyelakin

LXG are the first Toornament partners in Nigeria

Apart from Esports Nigeria, Emmanuel is an executive committee member of Esports Africa, and founder of League of Extraordinary Gamers, the first official Toornament partner in Nigeria.

Esports in Africa is growing

Africa is often overlooked when it comes to esports, but Emmanuel proved us wrong – interest is growing day by day. As an industry leader who is pushing both esports and gaming forward, Emmanuel shared the three biggest challenges he and his peers are facing in Africa:

  • Funding
  • Cost of equipment
  • Stigma associated with gaming

Thanks for your insights, Emmanuel! Our team is stoked about having Esports Nigeria work with us – to learn more about what they do, check out their website here.

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