Hearo.Live partners with Preediction 🎉

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Preediction, the leading esports talk show network.

About Preediction

The team over at Preediction has created the largest variety of weekly esports talk shows.

With four different programs and six different podcasts, followers and fans get to tune in to expert pro players, caster and analysts, coaches, but also agents, executives, and other professionals who are tightly involved in esports.

Think you got yourself a new esports show to follow?

Wait for this: Preediction cover a variety of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 esports, making sure listeners and viewers are kept up to date in the fast-moving world of esports.

We asked the team over at Preediction about their thoughts on what the biggest challenges in esports are…

The team at Preediction think it’s a combination of show discovery, fair and balanced coverage vs. programs directly tied to the leagues, and finding fan crossover between different titles and genres.

Discover more and be more engaged.

You’ll be able to get their show on Twitch and Apple Podcasts – don’t forget to drop a follow!

We look forward to featuring Preediction shows on Hearo.Live – and have you join the party.

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