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GameTree is the top app for finding gaming friends, and the best way to meet people to watch streams with. GameTree matchmaking considers not just location and common gaming interests, but also personality compatibility!

Waves eGaming

Waves EGaming is the first dedicated esports facility in Canada. We are committed to connecting gamers across Canada, and bringing world-class esport  tournaments to audiences and players around the world.

Home Key

As esports organizations start to shift towards dedicated training facilities, the same formula & opportunity must be applied to the rest of the esports community so that the industry can advance as a whole.


RYGE are building the most comprehensive coverage of esports news, statistics, education, careers, health and wellness on a global scale.

Esports Nigeria

Esports Nigeria is a non-profit looking to use esports as a tool to tackle socio-economic issues in Nigeria. Engaging Nigerian youth with esports and helping them to make a living from their passion is sure to benefit the individual first, then their families, next is their community and then the nation as a whole. We also want to use esports to bring glory to our fatherland like we have always done with traditional sports.


A free network for the esports community. Teams, competitions, sponsors and more!


The Jamaica Esports Initiative is the national governing body for esports. We are mandated to develop competitive video games, develop and encourage eSports skills, establish Jamaica as a recognized entity in the global eSports community and provide resources for our national team to participate in international events.


Turkish Esports organization. Fielding teams in CS:GO, FIFA, Wolfteam and LoL.

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